Reading Material

This reading materials list and the three bibliographies were made in the late 1990s and early 2000s and were very important in helping shape our work. They still serve as an important repository of thinking different ways of working than are the dominant norm of artistic production.

Introductory Reading Material:



CONCRETE SOCIAL INTERVENTIONS INTERVIEW with Pascale Jeannèe of the artists’ group WochenKlausur




PUBLIC ART a lecture by Julie Ault







Special thanks to Gregory T. Strella for all of his help on the bibliographies below. They can all be downloaded together here: orange_folder


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This list was originally compiled by Alan Moore in 2002. It is a bibliography based on reference materials that were made available to visitors to the exhibition Critical Mass, a group show curated that year by Stephanie Smith for the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago.

The reference materials were collected by Smith and the artists in Critical Mass. Where possible, Moore noted which artist or group suggested each item. The artists and groups in the exhibition were Wendy Jacob and Laurie Palmer, Robert Peters, Gregory Sholette, and Temporary Services.

In 2002, Alan Moore submitted this bibliography to the InterActivist Info Exchange, a reader-led website that offers news and analysis. His version is viewable at 

From Moore:

“Materials in this bibliography are organized in alphabetical order in four groupings: Books, Articles/Book Selections, Journals/Booklets, and Web Resources. All are coded according to four broad categories that loosely organize the conceptual framework of the reading area:

C/I=Conceptual Art and Institutional Critique —sources dealing with artistic practices that have taken place within institutions such as museums and that have consciously sought to question institutional assumptions

A/PA=Activism and Public Art —sources on artists who routinely eschew the museum or have sought to alter it, as well as artists who adopt the public sphere as a site for artistic practice

CP=Chicago Practice —sources that specifically document a history of activities by Chicago-based artists

MISC=Other Materials Related to the Projects —sources that informed, directly or indirectly, the processes of Critical Mass artists

The bibliography gives particular emphasis to art practices, criticism and theoretical explorations in the United States, with an extensive focus on Chicago…”

For this 2006 update, we have rearranged the entries in the Books and Articles section to reflect the categories that Moore noted. All of the books and articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals, are separated by category. Additionally, we have chosen to use the title of each book or article to lead our alphabetization, rather than alphabetize by author. Where possible, new publication information is supplied. The web resources section is also updated to update the new locations of many of the original links.


C/I=Conceptual Art and Institutional Critique

“Acting the Icon, Indexing the Body.” Klein, Jennie. New Art Examiner September 1998: 27-31.

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“Fluxus: Now You See It, Now You Don’t. Perhaps You Never Will (part 1).” Donato, Debora Duez. Dialogue January/February 1994: 8-11.

“Fluxus: Now You See It, Now You Don’t. Perhaps You Never Will (part 2).” Donato, Debora Duez. Dialogue May/June1994: 16-18.

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“What’s Intangible, Transitory, Mediating, Participatory, and Rendered in the Public Sphere?” Fraser, Andrea. October Spring 1997: 111-116.

A/PA=Activism and Public Art

ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery . Moore, Alan, and Marc H. Miller. New York: ABC No Rio and Collaborative Projects, 1985. (Sholette)

Anarchy!: An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth . Glassgold, Peter, ed. New York: Counterpoint Press, 2001. (TS)

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CP=Chicago Practice

“Alternative Exhibition Sites/Non-Sites.” Wiens, Ann. New Art Examiner May 1998: 42-43.

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MISC=Other Materials Related to the Projects

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Working: People talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do . Terkel, Studs. New York: Avon Books, 1975. (TS)

Architreasures leaflet, Chicago. See 

Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation 2001 Annual Report, Chicago. See 

Building Greener Neighborhoods: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Open Space Planning. Samuels, Julie. Chicago: Openlands Project, 1996.

Chicago Public Art Group Newsletter. Chicago: Chicago Public Art Group, Fall 2001.

CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) leaflet, New York. See 

cSPACE cards (formerly The Art of Change), London. See 

Games, Fights, Collaborations, Guide to Water. Guerilla Graywater Girls. Oakland, CA: Self-Published, 2001.

N55 booklets. See 
Manual for Clean Air Machine, #8
Manual for Modular Hydroponic Unit, #12
Soil Factory, #15
It is an Illusion that We Live in Time and Place, #16
Manual for Bed Modules, #23
Manual for n55 Spaceframe, #24
Lars Bang Larsen og N55 udveksler, #31
Manual for Land, #32

NeighborSpace leaflet, Chicago. See 

Temporary Services booklets, Chicago. See 

The Baffler issues, Chicago. See 
#10, 1997
#11, 1998
#14, 2001

Whitewalls issues, Chicago. See #23 (Fall 1989) “Regarding An/Other”
#24 (Winter 1990) “The Nature of Nature”
#26 (Fall 1990) “Petty Crimes for the Common Good”
#27 (Winter 1991) “Rants and Regrets”
#28 (Summer 1991) “Identity in Self-Definition”
#31 (Winter 1992/1993) “Culture, Identity and Colonialism”
#33+34 (1994) “Sweat Sixteen”
#36 (1995) “Local Options”
#39 (Fall/Winter 1998) “Impossible Projects”
#40 (Spring 1998) “Loose Canon”
#41 (Winter 1999) “Crafting History”


ABC No Rio 

“But is it Politics?” 1998-1999 project by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber 

The Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College Chicago 

The Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago 

The Independent Media Center (Indymedia) 

Institute for Applied Autonom, 

Institute for Social Ecology 

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