Self-Publishing Posters — with Kione Kochi

One of the highlights of 2014 for Temporary Services was collaborating with the artist Kione Kochi, who illustrated three different Temporary Services booklets: Against Competition by Marc Fischer, Publishing in the Realm of Plant Fibers and Electrons by Temporary Services, and Madison, Wisconsin: A City in Nine Objects by Madison Mutual Drift.

As an extension of the ideas explored in our booklet Publishing in the Realm of Plant Fibers and Electrons, we called on Kione Kochi to work with us once again to produce a set of Risograph posters that explore and celebrate the power and potential of self-publishing. These posters were first exhibited at the 2015 NY Art Book Fair organized by Printed Matter.

Each poster is printed on either Cream or Ivory color 67 pound cardstock. For this set of all six posters from our collaboration, you will get a mix of posters printed on both colors of stock. All posters will ship rolled in a poster box.

The full set is available through Half Letter Press