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Posters, Prints, Poster-Booklets – One Every Day, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, Nov. 5 – Dec. 21, 2009

We have a large number of posters from Temporary Services, Half Letter Press, Mess Hall and several of our side projects — Dispensing with Formalities, Public Collectors, Let’s Re-Make, Street Rec., The Free Store, The Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, Learning Site, and individual curatorial efforts — in this exhibition.

Half Letter Press | Temporary Services
We made a new poster-booklet for Half Letter Press that people can take for free. Click image or here to download.

Temporary Service Posters

EFA Project Space is pleased to present One Every Day, on view from November 5 through December 19, 2009. The exhibition foregrounds the relationship of printed ephemera to cultural and artistic production, and marks the curatorial debut for Printeresting.org.

Launched in 2008, the founders of Printeresting.org aptly coined it “The Thinking Person’s Favorite Online Resource for Interesting Printmaking Miscellany.” Recognizing it as exactly that, EFA invited Printeresting to organize an exhibition that would open during New York City Print Week 2009, expanding the discourse about print beyond its fine art boundaries into the “every day.”

From the detritus under the windshield and the debris in our pockets to gig posters mounted on telephone poles, One Every Day attests that all varieties of print ephemera share the following three characteristics: fleeting function, low-cost means of production, and the fact that somebody out there loves them.

Presenting work by twenty-five artists and designers, the curators proclaim: “The universe of ephemera is expansive, and so is the work in One Every Day. The viewer will be treated to books, pamphlets, zines, stickers, merchandise, and other artifacts, but also subtle minimalist explorations, conceptual activism, and post-punk rock promotion. Similarly, the goals of our contributors are diverse: highly personal and comedic explorations of youth culture rest easily alongside overt critiques of consumer waste.”

Some artists in the exhibition imitate and glean from existing printed matter, appropriating popular forms of communication to transform their meaning. Stephanie Syjuco’s Color Theory Communication Transference is a re-creation of a community board from People’s Park, Berkeley, CA. Using a process she calls “color averaging, ” the artist color codes the posts based on category, resulting in an isolated color coded object absent from the original content. Kate Bingaman-Burt’s foray into obsessive consumption involves drawing everything she buys, including the receipts and bills, all of which are then compiled in the format of artists books.

Other works are created with the intention of being placed in the public domain, such as Geoff Hargadon’s Cash for Your Warhol, a suite of roadside signs created in the same font as the ubiquitous Cash for Your Houses signs. These signs, reproduced in Warholian colors, were placed in front of major museums. Reversely, Lydia Diemer creates a personal space out of public material. She will build a distinct three-dimensional environment within the gallery, constructed entirely from printed ephemera.

Concerned with public interaction and the act of exchange, the Chicago artist collective Temporary Services will have all of the posters they have produced on display, along with a takeaway stack of posters created specifically for this exhibition. Additionally, Carlos Motta will provide several publications for the taking- including Gigantic, a large sampling of images from popular news media, each image removed off of the top reveals a new image beneath, the only way to experience all of the images in the stack is collectively throughout the show.

Many of these artists create objects for the same reasons ephemera have always been created: an efficient mode of production and distribution allows access to the widest possible audience. This is the goal of anyone with an idea to share, an agenda to promote, a culture to subvert, or yes, even a product to advertise: as seen in Post-Typography’s show poster screenprinted on silver mylar balloons, and the work of Gary Kachadourian, who commodifies his art as cheap consumer products sold at bargain-basement prices to maximize distribution.

Printeresting.org is an online resource for all things print related. From “fine art” prints and limited edition multiples to xeroxed flyers and cheap inkjet printouts, they take a broad view of printmaking; all manner of printed matter has a place at Printeresting. Authored by multiple contributors, the site features regular posts on a range of print-related content, including artwork, news, reviews, technology, and critical discourse. While their primary goal is to highlight innovative print work, the site is also a place to keep abreast of developments in the field, and to take note when printmaking intrudes into popular culture. The site’s growing collection of posts form the web’s most comprehensive, searchable database of contemporary print. Printeresting is for artists, designers, printers, curators, collectors, teachers, students, and the generally curious.

The originators of Printeresting.org and the One Every Day exhibition are Amze Emmons, R.L. Tillman, and Jason Urban.


The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

Temporary Services | Creative Time

Presentation of our work – Creative Time Summit: Art and Social Justice in the Public Sphere, co-presented with Live from the New York Public Library, October 23rd 24th, 2009

Marc will be attending this gathering on our behalf. The description that follows is from an email Creative Time sent to the participants:

The conference kicks off Friday night with the first Creative Time Prize for Art Social Justice. Then Saturday, all-day, we have invited 42 artists from around the globe to give short presentations about the experimental social justice art practices they are developing. Our goal is to inspire a broad understanding of diverse practices developing around the globe, and our artist presenters represent this, from emerging artists to the super established, including: Ayreen Anastas, Julieta Aranda, Edgar Arceneaux, Bik Vanderpol, Ross Bleckner, Stefano Boeri, Olaf Breuning, Tania Bruguera, Mel Chin, Teddy Cruz, Minerva Cuevas, Peter Fend, Harrell Fletcher, Amy Franceschini/Future Farmers, Andrea Geyer, Dara Greenwald, Sharon Hayes, Thomas Hirschhorn, Alfredo Jaar, Lars Bang Larsen, Rick Lowe, Eve Mosher, Vik Muniz, Kristina Norman, Laurie Jo Reynolds from Tamms Year Ten, Martha Rosler, Greg Sholette, Temporary Services, and Rirkrit Tiravanija as well as a few cultural critics for introductions including Okwui Enwezor, Suzanne Lacy, David Levi Strauss and Maria Lind.

We have designed the summit to feature artists’ voices about their own practices. Gone are lengthy panel discussions in favor of artists directly talking about their own practices — short and smart! Gone are the often ridiculous Q A sessions in favor of an intimate space in which people can directly dialogue with participants as they desire. Gone are the three day commitments in favor of one night and one action packed day. And gone are pricey conferences in favor of recession sensitive pricing at just $35.

We expect the Summit to be a highly engaging, thought provoking, even inspirational event. So please join us! More information will be available on our website in the upcoming weeks and ticket sales start on September 8th. We’d also be grateful if you helped us spread the word with our colleagues. Though we suspect the Summit will sell out, we really want our most curious, interested, and best colleagues there so your help in spreading the word early on would help make it an event with real impact.

Our fingers are crossed we will see you in October!

Temporary Services Books and Booklets – Free as Air and Water, 41 Cooper Gallery, Cooper Union, NY, September 16 – October 24, 2009

A selection of our books and booklets will be on display as a part of this exhibition. They will remain at Cooper Union once the exhibition is over.

The exhibition is described as follows:

The exhibition, Free as Air and Water, takes Peter Cooper’s quote that “Education should be Free as Air and Water” as a starting point (Peter Cooper was an interesting character who founded the Cooper Union in the mid 1800s). The show addresses the spirit of this statement by recognizing the difference between then (1859) and now (2009). Today, air, water, and land are all subordinated to the logic of privatization impacting the environment in challenging ways. As the past few decades have witnessed how global power has systematically distributed the world’s resources in unfair ways, concerns such as human rights become increasingly tied to issues involving land, space, and environmental justice.

Free as Air and Water poses these questions for our contemporary moment linking a broad set of issues such as public access to resources, political ecology, and governmentality within a group exhibition that features a diverse array of artistic operations and tactics. As of now the artists in the exhibition include Allora Calzadilla, Amy Balkin, Ross Cisneros, The Future Farmers, Andrea Geyer, Hans Haacke, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Runo Lagomarsino, Marjetica Potrc, Lidwien Van de Ven, among others.

Temporary Services | Temporary Conversations-Suzann Gage

Temporary Conversations: Suzann Gage – EveryBody!: Visual resistance in feminist health movements, 1969-2009, Saturday, September 12, 2009

Artist Talk + Book Release with Suzann Gage, 2pm

The California-based nurse practitioner and holistic health professional discusses her influential medical illustrations from the book New View of a Woman’s Body (Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers, 1981). Release of Temporary Conversations interview with Suzann Gage by Bonnie Fortune published by Temporary Services.

EveryBody!: Visual resistance in feminist health movements, 1969-2009
September 11-October 10, 2009
I Space Gallery
230 West Superior Street Second Floor Chicago, IL 60654
Tu-Sa 11am-5pm

Every Body! presents work by artists and activists representing historical and visual exchanges around feminist health movements. By combining historical documents from the Women’s Health Movement (WHM) with presentations and performances by artists and activists working towards health care justice in the present day, Every Body! explores how feelings, theories, and actions are shaped into the creation of a place where all bodies are celebrated and health care is a human right. The exhibition begins with the visual culture of the WHM of the late 1960s-70s through posters, ephemera, and literature donated from individuals, groups, and institutions involved in the movement including the Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective and the Federation of Women’s Health Centers. The work of participating artists reflects this movement and its evolution with creative responses to and representations of the issues surrounding the health needs of women, men, and transgendered people. Every Body! is an ongoing conversation taken up and shared over many years is present in the works and projects included in this exhibition.


Temporary Services and Half Letter Press publications – Miss Read, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, September 4 – 6, 2009

We are participating in this three-day book fair with a bunch of other small presses. We are big fans of many of them and can’t wait to see what they are bringing. Brett and Marc will be there. Stop by and say hello if you are in town.

Friday, September 4th, 3pm – 7pm
Saturday from 12–7pm
Sunday from 12–7pm


2nd Cannons Publications, Los Angeles
argobooks, Berlin
BAS/Bent, Istanbul
basso magazin, Berlin
Book Works, London
Christoph Keller Editions, Eigeltingen-Münchhöf
Dexter Sinister, New York
documentation céline duval, Houlgate
fama fortune bulletin, Schlebrügge.Editors, Wien
GAGARIN, Antwerpen
information as material, York
MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Brüssel
onestar press, Paris
Passenger Books, Berlin/Montreal
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute, Ljubljana
Michalis Pichler, Berlin
Pork Salad Press, Kopenhagen
Printed Matter, Inc., New York
Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Salon Verlag, Köln
Spector Books, Leipzig
Sternberg Press, Berlin/New York
Temporary Services / Half Letter Press, Chicago
Torpedo Press, Oslo
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln

Temporary Services | Redfern Sculpture | There Goes the Neighbourhood

Public Sculpture Opinion Poll Redfern, 2009 – There Goes The Neighborhood, Performance Space at Carriage Works, Redfern, Sydney,
Australia, May 23 – June 27, 2009

We have set up a public poll of the sculpture pictured above: Public Sculpture Opinion Poll, Redfern 2009

The exhibition is described by its curators, Zanny Begg and Keg Roll, thusly:

There Goes the Neighbourhood is an exhibition, residency, discussion and publishing project for May 2009. The central element of this project will be an exploration of the politics of urban space, with a focus on Redfern, Sydney. The project will examine the complex life of cities and how the phenomenon of gentrification is altering the relationship between democracy and demography around the world. While urban change itself is not always a bad thing, gentrification often happens at an accelerated rate, out pricing the lower income and marginalized communities from the neighbourhood and dislocating them from their existing connections to urban space. The project brings together artists from Australia and around the world whose work addresses these issues.

Participating artists:
Brenda L Croft (Australia)
16beaver (USA)
Daniel Boyd (Australia)
Temporary Services (USA)
Jakob Jakobsen (Denmark)
Lisa Kelly (Australia)
SquatSpace (Australia)
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Berlin/Sydney)
Evil Brothers (Ned and Tom Sevil, Australia)
You Are Here (Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg, Australia)
Michael Rakowitz (USA)
Miklos Erhardt and Little Warsaw (Hungary)
Bijari (Brazil)
Democracia (Spain)

A re-enactment of Allan Kaprow’s Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann 1963 (with thanks to the Allan Kaprow Estate). Coordinated by Lucas Ihlein.

Public Programs:
Artist Talk: Temporary Services
Artist Talk: Brenda L Croft
Artist Talk: Jakob Jakobsen
Public meeting: There Goes The Neighbourhood

Temporary Services | Redfern Sculpture | There Goes the Neighbourhood
The book for the exhibition is available as a free PDF.

Temporary Services

Presentation – Where have all the Radicals Gone? [lecture series], NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada, 7:00 PM, April 4, 2009

Eyelevel Gallery and the Student Union at NSCAD University, present Marc Fisher from Temporary Services, who will talk about several projects by the group. See the website for more details. The talk starts at 7pm and will take place at the Bell Auditorium, NSCAD University, 5163 Duke St., Halifax.

Temporary Services | Temporary Conversations-Jean Toche

Book events and talks – Various locations around New York, March 25-28, 2009

TS’er Brett will be in New York from March 22-28 to give several presentations and host releases for our new book Public Phenomena, and our booklet interview series Temporary Conversations, with an emphasis on the latest installment: Jean Toche / Guerrilla Art Action Group! We are extremely proud of the interview with Jean Toche, who rarely gives them. The booklet is packed with Toche’s uncompromising destruction of the boundaries between art and politics, as raw and necessary now as it was 40 years ago. If you are in the city, please stop by and say hello. If you would like to mail order any of these publications from us directly, follow a link to Half Letter Press at the end of this email.

Here is Brett’s itinerary:

Wednesday, March 25 6:30 PM
The Center for Book Arts
28 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10001
(212) 481-0295
• TS is in the current show: Artists’ Books as (Sub)Culture, January 15 – March 28, 2009, curated by Natalie Campbell. The talk will focus on our general publishing history. Many of our booklets are on display at the exhibition.

Thursday, March 26 – Special guests Damon Rich (CUP) and Joseph Heathcott 7:00 PM
465 Grand Street, lobby
New York, NY 10002
(212) 358-8605
• Joseph Heathcott and Damon Rich contributed to our book Public Phenomena. Their research into banks’ redlining practices in Chicago overlapped with some of the public phenomena we had documented, namely the block clubs signs you find predominantly in African American neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago. Following a short introduction to the book, Rich and Heathcott will discuss their research into how communities effectively organized against racist city planning and bank policies and the marks this left on the spaces and history of the city.

Friday, March 27 7:00 PM
Blue Stockings
172 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002
• This talk will mainly be about Public Phenomena and the four Temporary Conversations booklets.

Saturday, March 28 5:00-7:00 PM
Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 925-0325
• Official NYC book launch of Public Phenomena and Temporary Conversations: Jean Toche / Guerrilla Art Action Group. Printed Matter published our 2006 book, Group Work, and have several other of our titles at the store.

Temporary Services | Audio Relay

Audio Relay 2005 – Beyond Green: Towards a Sustainable Art, The DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI, January 21 ‚ March 29, 2009

Brennan McGaffey collaborated with us to make a second Audio Relay (mobile radio station and archive) for this traveling exhibition.

Jack Armstrong
EC Brown
Nick Diederich
The Freedom of the Art – Radio Broadcast
Matt Hanner
Gregory Jacobsen
Terry Plumming
Open Source / Open Ear – Compiled by Tim Ivison
Jerry Rose
Paul Lloyd Sargent
Sasker Scheerder
Andy Sykora

Beyond Green is described as:

Balancing environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic concerns, sustainable design is a critical tool of contemporary culture and increasingly the topic of fervent public discourse throughout the United States and Europe. Beyond Green: Toward A Sustainable Art probes the relationship between sustainable design and contemporary artistic practice by spotlighting a number of international artists who use the strategies and promises of sustainable design for metaphoric, practical, critical or even playful ends. […] Presenting existing works, new commissions, and previously presented work that has been “recycled” into new forms, this exhibition seeks to create new opportunities for thinking collectively about sustainable design and to build paths to new forms of practice.

This exhibition was organized by Stephanie Smith with ICI, and is traveling to mutliple venues through 2009:

The Smart Museum, Chicago, October 6, 2005 – January 15, 2006
Museum of Arts Design, NYC, February 2 – May 7, 2006
University Art Museum, CSLUB, Long Beach, California, November 1 – December 17, 2006
Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA, February 2 – April 15, 2007
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, May 4 – July 15, 2007
Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, September 14 – December 2, 2007
Museum London, London, Ontario, January 5 – March 16, 2008
Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford Hartford, Connecticut, April 2 ‚ June 10, 2008
The Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lewis Clark College Portland, Oregon, September 11 – December 7, 2008
The DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI, January 21 ‚ March 29, 2009

Temporary Services | Booklets and The Library Project

Booklets and The Library Project – Artists’ Books as (Sub)Culture, Organized by Natalie Campbell, Independent Curator, The Center for Book Arts, NY, January 15 – March 28, 2009

This exhibition takes an in-depth look at the way artist-funded and artist-run organizations have combined a focus on book arts with a unique social mission. Groups featured in this exhibition will include Temporary Services (Chicago), Women’s Studio Workshop (Rosendale, NY), the Woman’s Building (Los Angeles), and others that publish their own artist books as an integral part of the economic/political machinery of a workspace.

We are presenting a selection of our booklets and documentation of The Library Project.

Brett will be in NYC from March 22 – 29. He will be speaking at the Center for Book Arts on the 25th. He will also be doing various events for TS and HLP publications around NY that week at common room, Bluestockings, and more.

Temporary Services | SEED

Temporary Services box of publications, posters, and ephemera – What happens when artists work together? BIN, Organized by SEED, AVA Center, Chattanooga, TN, January 9 – February 20, 2009

SEED, an art collective in Chattanooga, TN is producing BIN. The motivation for BIN comes through a need to address the historical marginalization of artists and methods for overcoming this scenario. Each collective involved in this project is a vital model for alternative pathways, invention, action, and interdisciplinary approaches to making. This project is not predetermined. Instead of formulas, conventions, expectations, and objects – SEED is working with online relationships, and local negotiations.

SEED is pleased to announce the participation and/or contribution by some fantastic collectives including: Basekamp (Philadelphia), BLW, Common Places Project (Tampa), DeadTech (Chicago), Fugitive Projects (Nashville), Graffiti Research Lab (New York), Guerrilla Girls, InCUBATE-Chicago (Chicago), Mess Hall (Chicago), Paintallica (Washington), RTmark, TEAM LUMP (Raleigh), 6+ , and The Yes Men.

Construction Site video – When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as Innovation) Writing, Performance, Video Festival, Links Hall, January 9 – February 1, 2009

The video we made, to document part of our Construction Site project in Los Angeles in 2005, will be screened as a part of this festival.

Curators’ Statement:

When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as Innovation) explores the ways new forms of expression are created from the recollections of individuals, groups, positions, and places. Moving from subject to action, in between imagination and lived experience, the festival draws together writers and artists who take memory as a site of curiosity and absorption. Who are we when we remember?

– Amina Cain and Jennifer Karmin, Links Hall Artistic Associates