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This page lists current, ongoing, and upcoming exhibitions, publications, book fairs, projects, and more for both Temporary Services and Half Letter Press.

Chicago Zine Fest 2017

Temporary Servcies and Half Letter Press — Chicago Zine Fest 2017, Chicago, May 5th-6th

We will have a booth again this year at the CZF. Marc will there with our publications and plenty of his Public Collectors ones as well. Stop by and check out one of our favorite self-publishing gatherings.

Chicago Zine Fest

One Year Art Book Fair, Organized by Torpedo

12 publications by Temporary Services & Half Letter Press — One Year Art Book Fair, organized by Torpedo, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, December 7-18

We have 12 of our publications included in the December slot of this year-long book fair organized by Torpedo. It takes place in Oslo at the Kunstnernes Hus [Artists’ House].

The OYABF is a unique project that extends Torpedo’s efforts to promote and distribute artists’ books and small-press publications. In a series of monthly events, artists and publishers are invited to display their books, posters, projects-in-process, artworks or other exhibition material which forms part of their production. The OYABF aims to emphasise specialization and individuality, and to create a situation in which visitors can explore a complete body of work in depth.

The selection of artists and publishing projects invited to OYABF have diverse strategies, interests and motivations. The art-book publisher can be an artist, a collective, a public art organisation, a small press, an art writer, an institution, a graphic designer, poet, critic or curator. Around 40 exhibitors have been invited and will be announced throughout the year. Each month’s curated exhibition will be activated by parallel events, talks, discussions and presentations.


Rrréplica flier rrreplica_flierrep_flier_2

Temporary Services and Half Letter Press — Rrréplica, Casa de Hijo del Ahuizote, Mexico City, December 2-4

Meeting / Encounter / Clash of Rebellious / Disobedient / Unruly Publishers / Printers / Editors / Duplicators.

About publishing / To conform public space / To cultivate the right to dissent / To attend the urgency / To resonate.

Rrréplica is a gathering for discussion and dissemination of publishing practices of those who use electronic stencil-printing technique, known as risography or mimeographic printing.

Rrréplica’s intention is to form a space where to think about the future strategies of circulation of content using low-cost technologies such as replicable models of meaningful production. Publish as the power of sharing and cooperation. Publish to generate spaces for dialogue and transformation.

Temporary Services en México

There will be an exhibition of Temporary Services publications at Aeromoto held in conjunction with the book fair.


Sprint Milano '16

Temporary Services and Half Letter Press — SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano ’16, Milan, Italy, November 25-27

Join us from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November 2016 in Milano
for _\|/_ 4° Edition!

26~27.11 | 13.00—20.00 | Non-Profit Fair @ O’ in company of ↝
0-100 Milano | ADAMANT/Rada Koželj Como | ALESSANDRO MENSI Milano | AKV Berlin | ARCHIVE BOOKS Milano/Berlin | ATLAS PROJECTOS Lisboa/Berlin | ATTO Milano with SUDARIO Albano di Lucania | BLAUER HASE Venezia | BLISTERZINE by NASTYNASTY—Milano | BTOMIC-GHOST & TALKINASS La Spezia | CAMILLA CANDIDA DONZELLA Milano | DELEMA BOOKS with PAPER RAD New York | DIORAMA EDITIONS Milano | DOMINICA Los Angeles | DRAW DOWN New Haven | ECOCORE London | FOLDER BOOKSHOP Milano | FUZAO STUDIO Milano | GALLERIA OPULENZA with GIORGIO DI SALVO Milano | GENDA Milano/Shanghai | GIRLS LIKE US Amsterdam | GRAM Milano | JUDITH ERWES London | KABUL Italia | KALEIDOSCOPE Milano | MAREN KARLSON Berlin | MOLLY RICHARDSON London | NERO Roma | NOBODY’S BUSINESS Wandering | NUMERO 10 Paris | ORLO Ferrara/Melfi | POMEGRANATE PRESS Philadelphia/Orlando | PRINTED WEB by PAUL SOULELLIS New York | PUBLIC COLLECTORS Chicago | RAWRAW EDIZIONI Milano | RICOCHET.CC Buenos Aires | RORHOF Bolzano | RUMORE NERO Milano | SEAN DE COUX Eindhoven | SHELTER PRESS Rennes | SKINNERBOOX Jesi | STEFANO REBOLI Milano | STOLEN BOOKS Lisbon | SUSANNE BÜRNER Berlin | TEMPORARY SERVICES/HALF LETTER PRESS Chicago/Aburn | TILE Milano | TLTRPreß Berlin | TUNICA New York | WITTY KIWI Torino | YES I AM WRITING A BOOK Milano | YET MAGAZINE Lugano | Special Guest ↝ IDIOLETTA Milano/Bologna—Concerning Poetry and Art

Saturday 26.11 | 23.00—04.00
Fundraising Party HELP _\|/_ TO GROW
@ KO CLUB Via Resegone 1, Entry 5€

26~27.11 | 11.00—18.00
RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP—for selected applicants only
by Pierrick Brégeon and Clément Rouzaud (EUROSTANDARD-CH) Assisted by Elena Radice, host by studio ATTO

26~27.11 | 13.00—20.00
SHAME TATTOO—by appointment only
By Camilla Candida Donzella, host by Studio Mattias Guerra

SPRINT _\|/_ Independent Publishers and Artists’Books Salon —Aims to involve in a crossing and sustainable way a selection of subjects and artists among the most interesting in the international independent publishing scene, featuring experiences or productions, dealing freely with different formats, languages, contents with a program that combines talks, workshops, exhibitions, performance. Every edition is extending collaborations, committed to foster people and paths. The first episode took place in Milan in 2013.

An idea by O’ non profit association
Curated and designed by Dafne Boggeri

Sprint Milano ’16

12 Contributors, 5 Publications, 5 Years, 2016

Publication #115 by Temporary Services

12 Contributors, 5 Publications, 5 Years

Author: Temporary Services, Eds.; contributors: see below
Publisher: Chicago and Fort Wayne: Half Letter Press, 2016
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
Cover: soft cover
Binding: staple bound
Process: Risograph and offset
Color: 3 color and full color offset
Edition Size: 500
ISBN: 978-0-9818023-4-3

There is no shortage of independent artist book-making and self-publishing happening right now, but critical writing about artist books isn’t keeping up with production. Can we briefly stop to think about what people are actually making, in the midst of the sea of small edition and hard to find titles? In an effort to generate more reflective and critical thought about artist books, we asked friends in the field to write about 5 titles from the last 5 years. We hope to turn this into an annual series—our own attempt to capture some of what is most compelling from the scene—and take stock of what recent titles are important to the people that care about this kind of work. — Temporary Services

Contributors: Banu Cennetoglu | BAS, Draw Down Books, Abdul Dube, Jen Hofer | Antena, Karin de Jong | PrintRoom, Julia Klein | Soberscove Press, Emily Larned | Impractical Labor, Antoine Lefebvre, Stephen Perkins, David Senior | MoMA Library, Eva Weinmayr | AND publishing, George Wietor | Issue Press

12 Contributors, 5 Publications, 5 Years: Printed Copy at Half Letter Press; Archival PDF at Half Letter Press; Screen Resolution PDF; Links to all the contributors’ web sites